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Your Summer Camps, Church, Apartments, Clubhouse or any Non-Profit location can become a site to provide free, nutritious meals to keep kids healthy during the summer break.   


This program was developed by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) and was created so kids 18 years of age and under can receive a free meal while school is not in session.  Each location receives two meals a day for the entire summer break.  Breakfast/Lunch or Lunch/Snack.  

⦁    Find a site near you serving free meals for kids during the Summer Break. Site locations and operating times are updated daily at

⦁    ChristWay Baptist Church will be serving lunch daily at 12:30pm and also at Foxcroft Community Clubhouse

Current Sites of ChristWay Summer Food Program

Current Sites, Please click use the button below to update us with any changes to your site.  Training will take place on May 24 @ 7pm. 

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