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Our History


Our Journey

ChristWay Baptist Church began its journey in 1994, as Caribbean Baptist Church. We were born out of the vision of Senior Pastor, Dr. Wesley Green, a recent immigrant from the Caribbean, who had an intense desire to increase mission outreach efforts in South Florida.  He shared his vision with a small group of believers and together they initially sought to reach the ever- growing Caribbean community.  Their mission soon expanded, driven by a passion to share the message of Christ to all people, regardless of their culture or ethnicity, uniting all as one family of God. 

Today, our church continues to be service-driven which allows individuals, led by Christ, to volunteer and be involved in the operation of the Church. Leaders and members share a common forum, motivated by meeting the needs of our church family and serving our community.

ChristWay has come this far by faith, from a home bible study, meetings in trailers, services in school auditoriums, to our permanent home in 2003. We are a church family that believes in loving one another, as Christ loved us. We connect to our community through our ministry programs, sharing the message of love. We stay connected to Christ knowing He is the only Way and look forward to His leadership as we continue our journey.

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