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Senior Pastor


“Transforming Our Minds” Romans 12:1-13. Churches are called to reach everyone with the Gospel. ChristWay Baptist Church is the fulfillment of God’s will to unite all nationalities through our multi-cultural mission. “When change takes place spiritually, it begins in the mind.”

Rev. Dr. Wesley Green

Rev. Dr. Wesley G. Green is the Senior Pastor of ChristWay Baptist Church (CBC) in Miramar FL, a dynamic congregation of more than 750 active members.  He has also served as Pastor of the Bethtephil Circuit of Baptist Churches in St. James, Jamaica and Metropolitan Baptist Church in Miami, FL.  Pastor Green is a graduate of Jamaica Bible College and the United Theological College of the West Indies.  He earned a master’s degree from Pittsburgh Theological Seminary and was awarded a Doctor of Divinity degree from the International Bible Institute in Orlando, FL.  Dr. Green is the author of two books: “Your Journey to Christian Living: A Guide for Believers” and “An Amazing Journey, the Call, the Vision and the Fulfillment,” the latter publication has been added to the Florida Baptist Historical Society’s Collection.  He is a member of the South Florida Keswick Council as well as a member of Jamaica Baptist Union South Florida Associates.  Pastor Green has served as a board member of the Florida Baptist Children’s Homes and was First Vice President of the Florida Baptist Convention in 2007.  Recently he served as a member of the Jamaica Diaspora Day of Prayer and Fasting (JDOP) Steering Committee as South Florida Regional Coordinator.  Rev. Green is currently a volunteer Chaplain at Memorial Hospital West in Pembroke Pines, FL.  He is married to Mrs. Joyce Jean Green, a retired math teacher and former department head at Miramar High School in Miramar, FL.  Dr. and Mrs. Green, along with their family continue to serve at ChristWay Baptist Church.

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